PIE for Innovation Africa

This year MIT AEPi is raising money for an amazing charity called “Innovation Africa”. We are raising money both on campus and on Indiegogo. You can donate through the Indiegogo link below or see us in the Student Center and Lobby 10!

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Pie-ee Order 2015

Stop by to see your friends pied!

12:00 Catherine Potter (SK)
12:10 Trevor Day (KS)
12:20 Benji Lin (Pi Lam, Fencing Team)
12:30 Jack Spira (Theta Chi, IFC)
12:40 Tally Portnoi (Hillel)
12:50 Jessica Li (SK, Fencing Team)
1:00 Andrew Hochstadt (DTD)
1:10 Eric Shirley (Nu Delta)
1:20 Admissions officer and King of the Internet Chris ‘Petey’ Peterson
1:30 Hillel President, Professor Daniel Jackson
1:35 Nikhil Punwaney (Zeta Psi, BTB)
1:40 Samuel Oppenheim (IFC President)
2:00 Sophia Liui (UA Vice President, SK)
2:10 Omar Trujillo (Sigma Nu, Camp Kesem)
2:15 FSILG Director Bob Ferrara
2:20 Nikko Joe James (Theta Chi)
2:30 Cordelia Tuan (Alpha Chi Omega)
2:40 Haley Mae (SK, Next House)
2:50 Emily Shorin (Theta)
2:55 Nicolas Gomez (TDC)
3:00 Sally Lin (ADT, Pi Phi)
3:10 Olivia Massey (APhi)
3:15 Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill
3:20 Noam Buckman (AEPi)

Why We Care

Tikkun Olam, or “Repairing the World”, is a core tenet of Judaism. It’s why we give tzedakah and it’s one of the reasons why philanthropy is so important to us. We have supported Israel, Crohn’s disease research, bone marrow donation, and many other deserving causes. We do community service in addition to philanthropy, getting our hands dirty to make a direct impact on the welfare of the world.

PIE’s History

PIE swept across MIT’s campus during the spring of 2014. Over 30 MIT student leaders, including every single sorority president, several fraternity presidents, class presidents, the Interfraternity Council President and the Undergraduate Association Vice President graciously put their faces at the mercy of their pie-wielding friends to help save children’s lives. Professors helped us get the word out by pieing students in class. MIT administrators joined in the fun by pieing us on camera. Even MIT’s president, L. Rafael Reif, expressed his support of Save a Child’s Heart before smashing our philanthropy chair in the face with a pie.

Our chapter raised more for a single charity than any other AEPi chapter. This past year, we raised over $30,000 for Save a Child’s Heart, the most ever raised for AEPi Official Philanthropy in one event. At the international AEPi convention in Toronto this year, our chapter won the title of “Record Holder in Official Philanthropy” and our philanthropy chair won the Francis Cohen Undergraduate Achievement Award. In an organization of 166 chapters, over 9,000 active members and a 101-year history, number one ain’t bad. But don’t take it from us. Just check out this article from the MIT Division of Student Life or this one from a leading publication for healthcare professionals.

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