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Executive Board

Master Samuel Cherna (aepi-master AT
Lt. Master Rogers Epstein (aepi-lt AT
Scribe Lior Hirschfeld  (aepi-scribe AT
Exchequer Matt Weiss (aepi-exchequer AT
Sentinel Jacob Sweizy (aepi-sentinel AT
Member at Large Matt Reeve (aepi-mal AT
Pledgemaster Kyle Morgeinstein (aepi-pledgemaster AT
Chief (of) Justice Joshua Fishman (aepi-jboardchair AT


Current Brothers

Alex, RA
Alex is our friendly and responsible Residential Assistant. Born in Belarus, Alex is a medical student after having graduated from Yale (where he was a brother of AEPi), and working as a consultant in McKinsey.
Whenever there’s an issue, Alex is always available with advice, hot tea, and a smile. while balancing numerous responsibilities, Alex finds time to organize hikes, scuba dive, and play the occasional computer game. In addition, Alex maintains his fitness, running and working out in his spare time
 RogersRogers, ’19  Rogers Epstein; the man, the legend. Some know him as the best looking person they know. Others know him as the best looking mathematician they know. But one thing is for sure: he is good looking. Like wow. In the time that he isn’t getting ready to look his best (which is most of the time, he wakes up like this), Rogers can be found looking at math problems hoping that equations will fly around him and suddenly make sense, like in The Hangover. He also plays the saxophone in the Festival Jazz Ensemble; just one more reason to love him. He plans on majoring in Course 18 but constantly finds himself pulled by the Sirens of Course 6. Rogers is a proud former resident of Needham, Massachusetts, but moved to Boston in hopes of escaping the voices in his head. It was a futile attempt.

Jacob, ’19

 Jacob Swiezy hails from Indiana, but he’s still okay. Jacob, or “Swiezy” as his brothers affectionately call him, has the great misfortune of pursuing a degree in Course 16, Aerospace Engineering. When he’s not busy reflecting upon how awful Unified Engineering was, and seeing if he can still change majors to 2A-6, Swiezy can be found designing circuits for MIT’s Rocket Team, sleeping during lectures, working for Blue Origin in his summers, procrastinating his UROP, missing Safe Ride, or cheering on the MIT football team (which does exist, as a matter of fact). Swiezy, who previously served as AEPi’s house manager, is renown for his ability to nearly set the house on fire pretty much any time he tries to bake cookies or banana bread, which we enjoy weekly at the cider nights he organizes. All of AEPi loves hanging out with Swiezy, and should you ever manage to find him awake, you will love him too.
josh Josh, ’19  Joshua Fishman truly lives up to his last name, as he can usually be found out on the gorgeous esplanade, casting away into the Charles. When he’s not fishing, he spends his time playing Team Fortress 2, studying for his Course 2 (mechanical engineering) classes, reading and studying philosophy, or cooking kosher food in AEPi’s kitchen.
martin Martin, ’19  Martin Schneider is the techno god that secretly runs this entire operation. Every cool thing about the house, be it our safe ride tracker, or our automatic scorer and ranking system for foosball, is a result of the programming wizardry of Marty himself. While technically majoring in course 6-2 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Martin’s heart lies in AI, and he will likely be the first person to create Strong AI. On campus, Martin is an active member of the MIT Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team, where he works on developing tools for computer vision for the UAVs.
tylerTyler, ’19 Tyler Pleasant is a proud member of AEPi at MIT. When he’s not pouring his heart into AEPi’s excellent winter retreats to the slopes of Mont Tremblent in Canada, he spends his nights running games of Dungeons and Dragons at Next House, where he helps run Next Quest. He also curates AEPi’s fabulous board game collection, and would love to bust out the collection to play a game with you next time you’re at the house!
nathanielNathaniel, ’19 Nathaniel is a junior at MIT studying a different major every day of the week (although they usually have something to do with the brain and how humans learn). When he’s not busy taking classes in too many departments or being president of AEPi, he likes to play guitar, make (and drink) ridiculous amounts of coffee, read fiction, or listen to rock music. Joining AEPi has been the best decision of his MIT career, and he hopes to meet you at the house sometime soon!
jesseJesse, ’19 Jesse Michel gets out of bed by running a half marathon. Then he runs to campus (while dribbling a soccer ball) and sets the stage on fire with his dance. Once he’s done his morning routine, he studies theoretical math. What a guy!
alonAlon, ’20 Alon Kosowsky-Sachs – what a name. And he’s got the personality to match it, folks! Alon loves to ride his custom built electric longboard back and forth across the Harvard bridge, always getting up to crazy shenanigans on both sides of the river. On the Cambridge side, he burns the late night oil at MITERS, creating zany new projects on a whim. On the Boston side of the river, he loves to spend his time sharpening his (frighteningly) quickly growing sword collection and paddling (with a shovel) AEPi’s 2×4 canoe across the Charles late at night. If you can catch Alon sitting still for more than 30 seconds at a time, you’re a lucky guy and ought to get to know him!
sammySammy, ’20 “Wubalubadubdub! Ricky Ticky Tavvy! And that’s the waaaaaaaay the news goes! Hit the sack, Jack! Uh oh – somersault, jump! And that’s why I always say shum shum shlippidy dot! Graaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss… tastes bad! No jumpin’ in the sewer! Burger time! Rubber baby bubby bunkers!” Hahaha, yeah! Say that all the time!
mattMatt, ’20 The house bookie, Matt *knows* sports. Baseball, Football, Basketball, you name it, Matt knows all. When he’s not watching sports, Matt plays hours upon hours of Madden, easily outmaneuvering and outwitting his fellow brothers. Occasionally Matt also studies math. Occasionally. He’s a firm believer that basically the entire world is just applied math, and that only math is true. We won’t fight him on it. An all around great guy, we love having Matt around, even if he is a Patriots fan.
elijahElijah, ’20 Elijah Miller hails from the great state of Pennsylvania, where he spent his childhood practicing his skills with his armory of swords and firearms. House manager of AEPi by day, Elijah protects the freedoms of all MIT students by night as the president of the MIT GOP club. He knows everything there is to know about the Yankees and college football, but his knowledge doesn’t stop there – he’s an excellent student and is always willing to help his brothers out when their psets start to get scary. Elijah is a cornerstone of AEPi, and we’re lucky to have him!
grantGrant, ’20 A Chicago native, Grant is always up for an adventure. Like the time he shipped himself off to China on a whim, even though he didn’t know a word of Chinese. Thanks to his summer of cooking in an Indian restaurant, Grant can perfectly recite the Indian national anthem. Grant is a master biologist, but is giving up his craft to study the mysteries of physics, specifically the “quantum sciences” as he likes to call them. He doesn’t always speak english (he is, after all, fluent in Hungarian), but when he does, no one can understand him. He is the most interesting man in the world. Swq.
kyle_mKyle, ’20  Crew god.

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