MIT - AEPi - 16 - 2015-12-22


Executive Board

Master Max Haubenstock (aepi-master AT
Lt. Master Bertie Ancona (aepi-lt AT
Scribe Rogers Epstein (aepi-scribe AT
Exchequer Jonathan Hurowitz (aepi-exchequer AT
Sentinel Aiziairia “AiziairiaziriaiziA” Zornberg (aepi-sentinel AT
Member at Large Kyle Swanson (aepi-mal AT
Pledgemaster Jason Fischman (aepi-pledgemaster AT
Chief (of) Justice Evan Crane (aepi-jboardchair AT


Current Brothers

Alex, RA
Alex is our friendly and responsible Residential Assistant. Born in Belarus, Alex is a medical student after having graduated from Yale (where he was a brother of AEPi), and working as a consultant in McKinsey.
Whenever there’s an issue, Alex is always available with advice, hot tea, and a smile. while balancing numerous responsibilities, Alex finds time to organize hikes, scuba dive, and play the occasional computer game. In addition, Alex maintains his fitness, running and working out in his spare time
Aaron, ’17
Aaron Rose has always personified Aristotle’s philosophy of sodomiticum, the principle that what is on one’s outside pales in comparison to the importance of what one features in the inside. Just as the noble Sir Sandor Lehoczy once famously stated, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate,” so too has Aaron Rose lived his life: with passion for the game and a sexual drive like an orangutan. Although not a germ-freak per se, Aaron Rose has had his encounters with fame, highlighted by a feature about in Vice magazine about his Dr. Doolittle-esque hairstyle that is claimed to be the inspiration for Elton John’s coming out of the closet. A sensitive soul, Aaron can be found feeding his broken toenails to his pet iguana, George Herbert Walker VI.
Jason, ’17
Jason hails from Monsey, NY and is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Bioengineering. During the times that he’s not doing P-sets, Jason enjoys whistling, watching TV, and singing along to Disney movies (he knows all the words to all the songs, literally). His huge and ever-present smile makes him easy to spot at AEPi events.
Lane, ’17
Lane is a sophomore in AEP. Originally from Chicago, he attended the prestigious University of Chicago Lab School. He now lives at Random Hall and studies chemistry (Course 5. In his spare time Lane participates in MIT’s Science Olympiad club and teaches for the Educational Studies Program (ESP).
Max, ’17
Max Haubenstock. He is a man with a voice for radio, a face for Hollywood, and a brain as big as his heart. When he isn’t golfing or watching stocks or organizing AEPi’s social ventures, he is inventing new ways to be classy. For many reasons he will be on all those ‘Top 100’ lists that don’t even exist yet. World, you better keep your eye on that talented Computer Science major, Max Haubenstock.
Aiziairia, ’17
Aiziairia “AiziairiaziriaiziA” Zornberg is the type of guy you want on your team. Whether it’s his enthusiasm as part of the MIT Cheerleading Team, his ability to bench press your body weight with his hulk-like physique, his CS skills that can determine the risk of cancer or catastrophe risk for insurance companies, or his winning personality which will score you a date at a party, Aiziairia has all the positive qualities you could wish for. This studly sophomore hails from Huntington Station, NY. As another famous inhabitant of his town, Walt Whitman, once said, “I have learned that to be with those I like is enough.” We certainly like Aiziairia enough, and are proud to call him our brother and friend.
Evan, ’17
Although born and raised in the Bahston area, Evan’s heart is in the Land of Israel where he visits frequently and wants to one day live. A sophomore in Biological engineering, he is known all over Burton 2 as a top notch B2 and C3 baker*. Don’t let his early to bed early to rise mentality fool you, when it comes to Friday night get togethers, whether at Hillel, or back at the dorms, Evan is always the life of the party.
B2 = Banana Bread C3= Chocolate Chip Cookies
 10245541_1193097920720324_7744833347806973899_nKyle, ’18  Kyle Swanson is a computer science and mathematics double major from Bronxville, NY, a small town just outside New York City. An avid flute and piccolo player, Kyle enjoys performing both as a soloist and in the MIT Symphony Orchestra. Kyle has dabbled in many instruments, among them alto flute, bass flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, clarinet, and water bottle (his favorite instrument). He can even play some notes on the piano and once got a sound out of a violin. When not performing, Kyle enjoys running along the Charles with the MIT Running Club.
drewDrew, ’18
Drew Bent hails from sunny Palo Alto, California and is a sophomore studying physics and computer science here at Mass Tech. Outside of the classroom, Drew investigates and exposes some of MIT’s highest profile news stories, and you can often find his work on the front page of the Tech. An avid runner, Drew also enjoys going on long (~3000 mile) bike rides, teaching kids about STEM, and agonizing over his courseroad.
Bertie, ’18 Bertie Ancona grew up in Boston and was a runner in high school before transitioning into the master foil fencer that he is today. In addition to the fencing at MIT, he dabbles in other sports such ultimate frisbee as well as studies computer science. At AEPi, Bertie has a hefty load serving as both the lieutenant master and house manager, yet he manages to always find time and strike up a conversation with you. Bertie is also an aficionado of scifi books and has a life goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon!
 RogersRogers, ’19  Rogers Epstein; the man, the legend. Some know him as the best looking person they know. Others know him as the best looking mathematician they know. But one thing is for sure: he is good looking. Like wow. In the time that he isn’t getting ready to look his best (which is most of the time, he wakes up like this), Rogers can be found looking at math problems hoping that equations will fly around him and suddenly make sense, like in The Hangover. He also plays the saxophone in the Festival Jazz Ensemble; just one more reason to love him. He plans on majoring in Course 18 but constantly finds himself pulled by the Sirens of Course 6. Rogers is a proud former resident of Needham, Massachusetts, but moved to Boston in hopes of escaping the voices in his head. It was a futile attempt.

Jacob, ’19

 Jacob Sweizy; so mysterious, he doesn’t have a bio!
josh Josh, ’19  Joshua Fishman; he doesn’t have a bio either!
martin Martin, ’19  Martin Schneider; webmaster, but yet again, no bio!


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