Our alumni network is vast and varied. From 75 company presidents and CEOs to 50 professors, a Nobel Prize winner and an astronaut, Mu Tau men are impacting all parts of society. Our house is proud to stay in contact and work with our graduated brothers, making ours, truly, a brotherhood for life.


Alex Borschow – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2006. Recently graduated from MIT Sloan School of Management and moved to New York City to pursue a career in sustainable food and agriculture systems.

Stephen Fried – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2009 with degrees in Chemistry and Physics. He completed his graduate training in chemistry at Stanford University in June 2014. Stephen is currently a Junior Research Fellow of King’s College, in Cambridge (UK) and conducts research on chemical and synthetic biology at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Geoff Becker – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2005. Geoff is living with his now-fiancee in the suburbs of Philadelphia, working as a trader in commodities options. He is also starting an Urban Aquaponics company with a fellow MIT graduate and house friend of AEPi. While at MIT he was a bass in the Chorallaries of MIT, and was known during much of his time at AEPi as “Geoff Becker, Exchequer”

David Stiebel – Graudted from MIT undergraduate in 2009. Founded in January 2014, dedicated to building technology to help un- and under-banked consumers navigate financial services better. They recently launched to help pawn shops customers get the best deal from local pawn shops.

Matya Schachter – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2005. He currently works in in investment management in Boston and lives in Cambridge with his wife and two children. While at MIT, he was a regular on AEPi’s intramural sports teams and served as President and Treasurer of of MIT Hillel’s Student Board.

Eric Emer – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2014. Working in Chicago doing algorithmic trading. In college he was involved in Adelson Lab, chess club.

David Coleman – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2004. He now lives in Merrifield, VA, and is the Senior Director at Novetta, a 500-person advanced data analytics company. He’s supporting their corporate growth strategy, including organic technology development and acquisitions, business integration, and other special projects. He is also currently pursuing his MBA at Wharton, graduating in May of 2016. He married Kelli Coleman in June of 2010. While at MIT he was on the varsity swim team and held the positions of Lt. Master, Social Chair, Sentinel, Assistant Pledge Master and Member-at-Large.

Matthew Roitstein – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2006. After he completed his degrees in architecture and music at MIT, he went on to Houston to pursue his Master’s Degree in music performance at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. Since then, he spent time playing in orchestras of Honolulu and Miami, and moved back to Houston in the summer of 2014 to join the Houston Symphony as their new Associate Principal Flutist.

Ben Solish – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2004. After graduating course 16 from MIT, he attended the University of washington to get a Masters Degree in aerospace engineering. Upon completion of this degree he accepted a position at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he has worked on the Phoenix, TRaiNED and OCO-2 Missions.

Joshua Siegel – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2011. He is currently at MIT working on his PhD. His company CarKnow is doing well and part of the MassChallenge 2014 class, and he recently got engaged to Katie Palusci.

David Held – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2005. He is currently a Computer Science Ph.D. student at Stanford. His focus is on robotics, computer vision, and machine learning, and has worked on perception for autonomous driving at both Stanford and Google. His website is While in AEPi he held the positions of Vice President, Alumni Chair, Rush Chair, Academic Chair, Historian, Bowling Captain, Volleyball Captain, and Ultimate Frisbee Captain. He was also MIT Students for Israel Intergroup Relations Chair and Hillel Secretary during his time at MIT.

Jesse Marsh – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2007. He works on exhibit design engineering at the Exploratorium Studio for Public Spaces. There he helps create public spaces that are good for communities and are designed to be skated.

Yafim Landa – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2011. He completed his masters of engineering at MIT in 2013. During his time at AEPi he worked as Philanthropy Chairman and organized a very successful bone marrow drive for Gift of Life.

Michael Star – Graduated from MIT undergraduate in 2006. During his time at MIT he served as the Master of AEPi and was involved with Hillel. He attended medical school at the Technion in Haifa, Israel, and is now living in Chicago with his wife, Ariel, and almost-two-year-old son Yosi, where he is working as a Neurology Resident.


(Since ’16)

blakeBlake, ’16  Blake Elias. Dreamer of dreams. Hacker of hacks.
Matt, ’16
From the exotic hinterland of Pittsford, NY emerges the renaissance man that is Matt DeCross, class of 2016. Majoring in exactly the courses that are 8 mod 10, Matt is skilled with the whiteboard, studying topics from complex analysis to inflationary theory (in the lab of the man who founded the field, one would do well to add); the drumstick, playing in settings from MITSO to the Physics Rock Concert; the semiconductor, controlling its transistors according to his every whim when taking the helm at software from Mathematica to Team Fortress 2; and the pillow, sleeping for spans from a bit after midnight to like 2 or 3 in the afternoon the next day.Matt is AEPi’s Events and Culture Chair, spreading the joy of live music, thought-provoking plays, Halo nights, and other eventful culture throughout the brotherhood. He is also a polar bear. Whether the relationship between these is causal is an area for further research.
Adam, ’16
Adam Eagle hails from the beautiful city of San Diego, California. When he is not studying computer science, Adam likes to lift at the gym, shop for the latest fashions, drink exotic teas, and listen to opera. Adam was the first employee at Blade, a startup in Boston which he currently works for part-time. At the fraternity, Adam has served as House Manager and is most proud of being the first brother in recent history to construct a functional bike rack.
Micha, ’16
  Originally from Los Alamos, NM, Micha is a junior studying chemical engineering. When he’s not busy trying to understand thermo, Micha enjoys playing video games, such as Mario Kart or Dota, or watch TV shows, like Breaking Bad and Arrested Development. He holds many positions in the house such as Brother at Large and Steward, but the most important (and delicious) one is Cake Chair!
Noam, ’16
  Noam Buckman is a mean robot maker. Sometimes his math-related research leads him to work with crazy but awesome people in crazy places, like Israel, where he spent a year studying in yeshiva and a summer conducing economics research. Noam is greatly involved in Jewish life on campus, becoming Hillel president last year and serving in leadership positions for MIT Students for Israel, the Kosher Food Club, and the MIT Orthodox Minyan. He enjoys planning events and welcoming people into the community. You may also hear shouts of “DJ Nom-Nom” as he leads the party with the best beats. Noam is a junior, majoring in mechanical engineering and mathematics, and looks forward to TA-ing for 2.01 in the fall and continuing his research in oceanís engineering.
Ziv, ’16
  Code-wizard. Jazz-clarinetist. Sleep-deprived. These are all apt descriptions of Ziv, a junior from Brookline, MA
studying math with computer science. Outside of playing with microcontrollers, he enjoys Haskell, robotics,
algebraic topology, and making similarly complicated subjects look easy to kids he teaches through MIT’s ESP.
Among Ziv’s greatest contributions to the house has definitely been hacking together the Portal-themed graphic design
in Inkscape for our PIE fundraiser.
Isaac, ’16
An aspiring double major in courses 14 and 17, he was the deputy field director of a congressional campaign the summer before enrolling at MIT, and has since worked on Capitol Hill in the office of Congressman Joe Kennedy (even running into him outside our house while Joe walks his dog, Banjo). He returned to DC after sophomore year as part of the MIT DC internship program to work at the Brookings Institution. A Brookline native, he has lived abroad and traveled extensively, making him quite the connoisseur.