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Our Fraternity

We are the Mu Tau chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi national fraternity.

Our brownstone is home to a close group of inspired and accomplished men. Our brothers are talented athletes, musicians, engineers and leaders of various campus political, technical, artistic and religious groups.

Our house is proud to have two semi-functional pianos and 21 semi-functional brothers. Our brothers range from rocket scientists to poets, theoreticians to theologists, and mathematicians to socially functional human beings. In terms of GPA, we consistently ranked amongst the top FSILGs. As they no longer record this metric, we are reigning GPA champions.

It's the late-night discussions, foosball tournaments, group outings, jam sessions, and the individual characters that make this fraternity great and something to be proud of. Come take a look: you'll like what you see.

Summer Housing

Our house is located near Kenmore Square, a one minute walk from the Blandford stop on the Green Line, and is right by the Esplanade. We're surrounded by easy transportation, as well as lots of restaurants and parks. The house itself is a beautiful four-story brownstone.

The house includes a fully equipped commercial kitchen, cable TV, gaming systems and large common spaces with couches and tables. AC, high speed internet, and all other utilities are included in our rates.

For the summer of 2019, we have rooms available for rent from Sunday, June 9th to Saturday, August 17th. To apply, fill out the form here.

Rent for the entire summer is as follows:

Quads: $2100 per person
Triples: $2300 per person
Doubles: $2500 per person
Singles: $2950 per person

Additionally, there is a $100 discount for MIT students.


What up!!! We are 15 cool guys looking for other cool guys who want to hang out in our party mansion. We're always doing informal recruitment, so if you're interested in off campus living and looking for a tight-knit community, please get in touch! You can shoot us an email at, or text (702) 703-9209 for lunch or more info!

Contact Us

We live at 155 Bay State Road. If you would like to rob us, we kindly ask that you do so during a time when there are less brothers in the house, such as over Spring or Summer break. Below is a map for your convenience.

If you'd like to contact us via email, you can email our master Ben Bartschi at

Our House: 155 Bay State Road

We live in a beautiful four-story brownstone house in Boston's historic Back Bay. Accommodations include many big-screen TVs, gym equipment and foosball tables, two and a half pianos, a large kitchen, bike racks and much more. We order in food for the house most days of the week. Our house is huge, and most of our rooms are singles.

Alpha Epsilon Pi is the only remaining national Jewish fraternity. The brothers of our house are proud of our chapter's heritage while representing many faiths. We have close ties with Hillel and host occasional events for the MIT community like Shabbat dinners and the breaking of the fast after Yom Kippur. AEPi, in both the MIT chapter and the international fraternity, does not discriminate by religion or in any other way.

Our Bois

Albert Einstein once said, "a house is defined by those who live inside it." As a smol house made up of only 15 bois, this is especially true. Here are some of our most special bois (hint: it's all of them).

From Cleveland with a stint in Ann Arbor, Jacob is a medical student in Boston, and our residential advisor. When outside classes or the hospital, he is always willing to chat about college life or share conversation. When free, Jacob enjoys running/biking, the occasional musical, and following college sports.
Alon Kosowsky-Sachs - what a name. And he's got the personality to match it, folks! Alon loves to ride his custom built electric longboard back and forth across the Harvard bridge, always getting up to crazy shenanigans on both sides of the river. On the Cambridge side, he burns the late night oil at MITERS, creating zany new projects on a whim. On the Boston side of the river, he loves to spend his time sharpening his (frighteningly) quickly growing sword collection and paddling (with a shovel) AEPi's 2x4 canoe across the Charles late at night. If you can catch Alon sitting still for more than 30 seconds at a time, you're a lucky guy and ought to get to know him!
Sammy Cherna's previous bio was 320 characters of nonsense from the popular television series Rick and Morty, which airs on Adult Central Sundays at 11:30pm Eastern. Of all 32038 possible ways to fill those characters, he chose Rick and Morty. You can form your own judgements from there.
The house bookie, Matt *knows* sports. Baseball, Football, Basketball, you name it, Matt knows all. When he's not watching sports, Matt plays hours upon hours of Madden, easily outmaneuvering and outwitting his fellow brothers. Occasionally Matt also studies math. Occasionally. He's a firm believer that basically the entire world is just applied math, and that only math is true. We won't fight him on it. An all around great guy, we love having Matt around, even if he is a Patriots fan.
Elijah Miller hails from the great state of Pennsylvania, where he spent his childhood practicing his skills with his armory of swords and firearms. House manager of AEPi by day, Elijah protects the freedoms of all MIT students by night as the president of the MIT GOP club. He knows everything there is to know about the Yankees and college football, but his knowledge doesn't stop there - he's an excellent student and is always willing to help his brothers out when their psets start to get scary. Elijah is a cornerstone of AEPi, and we're lucky to have him!
A Chicago native, Grant is always up for an adventure. Like the time he shipped himself off to China on a whim, even though he didn't know a word of Chinese. Thanks to his summer of cooking in an Indian restaurant, Grant can perfectly recite the Indian national anthem. Grant is a master biologist, but is giving up his craft to study the mysteries of physics, specifically the "quantum sciences" as he likes to call them. He doesn't always speak english (he is, after all, fluent in Hungarian), but when he does, no one can understand him. He is the most interesting man in the world. Swq.
Kyle Morgenstein. Former crew god and AEPi president. Seems to have a lot of medical problems? Secretly geriatric? Only time will tell.
Matthew Solomon Reeve is a productive member of the Mu Tau chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. He pays rent, and attends to his classes with a studious rigor. As our house risk manager, Matthew is principally responsible for maintaining house order and safety, a task he does not take lightly.
Lior Hirschfeld is honestly the best human being to have ever graced this god-forsaken planet. He is a kind, generous, and learned soul. He studies math and computer science, and the literature of Middle Earth in his spare time.
Hi! My name is Josh Gruenstein. My social security number is 358-83-8462, and my bank PIN is 1234. I enjoy wasting my time and long walks on the beach.
Benjamin Frederick Spector is a very special boy. He is very good with computers and numbers, and also the cello, which is like a big violin, but not that big, because that's called a bass, which is like an even bigger violin, and not a fish. He will serenade you to the sweet sweet siren call of "Main Theme" from Schindler's List by the great John Williams (link).
Steven Acevedo is a wise and beautiful young boy, with a sense of style to match only Cher herself. Speaking with Steven (or as his friends call him, Steven, with emphasis on the Steven) is always a gift, and he will be the salvation of this living group. On weekends, Steven studies EECS at MIT, which is a tech school in New England.
Kevin James would be an excellent husband for anybody currently prowling the market, if we don't marry him first. He cooks, plays drums, speaks French, and does the crossword. Very dreamy.
Simon Ganeles is a standup boi. With a heart of art and an art of heart, Simon used to be a Course 4 at MIT who spent his free time helping others, whether it was volunteering at food banks or helping run a weeklong summer camp for the children of cancer patients. I'm sad to report Simon has sold out like the rest of us, and is now studying Computer Science.
Today, I was awoken by the blinding light of an angel peering over my bed. I later learned this was in fact Ben Bartschi, but that the mixup is a common one. Ben is a talented singer in MIT's Resonance, is a competitive knitmaster, and holds the highest seat in our house government (on the roof).